Thursday, May 04, 2006

TIP: Shrimp

I think most people do this, but I usually buy a big pack of meat, divide them into two servings and freeze them, instead of buying a small portion and going to the grocery store every day. I used to do the same for shrimp, except recently I learned that you can buy a pack of frozen shrimp that is easy to peel.

I also realized that shrimp we get at grocery stores were always "previously frozen" so there was no more need to get the "fresh" shrimp anymore. Plus, you could get a bag of 50 to 60 shrimp for about $5. What a deal. But the best part is how easy it is to peel them, and the black intestine on the back is already taken out. So all you have to do is defrost how many ever you want to use, and peel the shell. That's it.

When I'm cooking stirfry or yakisoba and forgot to defrost meat overnight, I usually use these frozen shrimp. I take out about 10 from the bag, let it run under water, and it's ready to be peeled within a minute.

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